Treating Lupus Naturally

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Lupus is considered a disorder of the immune system. Diseases may occur when the immune system malfunctions and turns its infection defense capabilities against the body, producing antibodies against healthy cells and tissues. These antibodies promote inflammation and can damage organs and tissues.

How can you treat lupus naturally? Letting your food be the medicine.

You need fatty acids from flax seeds, fish and fish oil, raw milk (plus sunlight), liver. Basically foods that mainly contain Omega-3 and vitamin A.  Other notable sources include black lentil beans, peppermint, spinach, seafood like caviar, tropical fruit like papaya.

Fatty acids have many benefits, particularly regarding cardiovascular health. Vitamin A is a vitamin and antioxidant that’s associated with healthy eyes. Best organic sources can be found only in Southern Hemisphere!

She Healed Severe Lupus With Raw Foods in 90 days!

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